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    premiere pro cc and nvidia driver crash... why?


      Hi guys

      Since my new PC configuration, I've been having difficulties making my graphics card (Gygabyte Geforce GTX 650 Ti) enable the mercury playback engine cuda on premiere pro cc. it works for a few moments or it renders 2 3 minutes of my video and vith video hardware acceleration, but after that the video driver crashes and the rendering process and premiere as well. i have the latest driver from nvidia, but also have tried with drivers as old as 310.70 (released december 2012). i use wi 7 sp1, my cpu is intel's i7-3770k@4.3GHz and intel z77 chipset with 16GB of ram if this is of any relevance. Any ideas on what's the cause of the problem or how i may fix it? (the same thing also happened with premiere pro cs6)

      Thanks for your help !