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    Need a New Laptop for PE HELP PLEASE !



      my name is Michael and I recently setup a company that provides workshops to children.

      We film children infront of the green screen and then use live green screen software and a combination of Premiere Elements and  some Keying software for children called I Can Present.


      I need to buy a laptop in the next couple of days as my first jobs have comne in.


      My budget is around £500/600 UK.


      I have done lots of reading and its boiling my brain with regards system spec. I dont need all singing all dancing and I will literally only be filming the children for short periods etc small clips of say 3 mins each at most and probably 15 children.


      The most we will be doing is adding the clips together and adding simple transitions to create a montage so that i can export for dvd for the schools.


      I have currently a laptop and a Canon XHa1D Semi Pro Camcorder and a 1TB Hdd USB3 and a full green screen kit. A HD USB Webcam and Digiblaster studio.


      If anyone can help me that would be great.


      I dont need a top spec laptop because I feel that all that will be done with premiere is short clips and export to DVD, also when im home or over a period of days the montage and some clips will be uploaded to my company site via youtube.