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    Creating cross platform tablet apps


      1.       Can we create Visio/CAD style application where i have a toolbar on the side with various objects that i can drag and drop on to the surface grid? 

      2.       We want all our graphics to be vector graphics.  Can we use Open GL libraries for Vector graphics to either programmatically draw some shapes and apply some geometrical functions or store vector graphics images in a db and show on the visio sheet?  Vectors need to also support splines and other curves, such as:
      a.       Catmull–Rom splines
      b.      NURBS
      c.       iterated function systems
      d.      superellipses and superellipsoids
      e.      metaballs

      3.       If we have an image like a person standing on the surface grid can we calculate and draw a shadow of that person based on various variables.

      4.       Can we have an application that uses both local database and remote databases?

      5.       How reusable is the code with respect to the above questions in a  multi-platform environment ie android, ios, and windows tablets like ipad etc? What modifications in the program are needed in order to cater for someone who swaps from say an Android Tablet to a Windows PC using the same file?

      6.       Can the person’s file scale depending on what display format they use? Eg from 8” display on a tablet  to a 27” display on a PC? Can it then be printed on US letter,A4 or A3 and be adjusted automatically?

      7.       Can Vectors do set operations on closed shapes like union, difference, intersection, etc?

      8.     How does FlashBuilder and flex fare as an Object Oriented language?  Does it support OO concepts?