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    Corrupted save file for no reason


      I can't believe this happened again!


      I saved the file 10 minutes before I began editing some more. As soon as I click in a keyframe to move it, the computer freezes!

      I reboot and when I try to open the project, Flash says it can’t open it. It’s corrupted. I opened the file in a hex viewer and everything is zeros! 29,8 Mb of zeros!! How is this possible if I saved 10 minutes ago?!?! Why did it got corrupt?? And since Flash uses one of the worst backup systems I’ve ever seen, there’s no backup.


      All my work is lost! Or is there a folder that I’m not aware of where Flash puts backups or temp files?

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          change .fla to .rar, open in winrar and click repair and see if winrar can repair some or all of the problems.  if it can, rename to .fla and open in flash.


          and you can always rename to .rar or .zip and unpackage the files to manually salvage some of your work.


          finally, start using proper backup of all your work, no matter what program you use.  i like to use the whatever_01, whatever_02 etc naming system.

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            XanaRaquel Level 1

            Changing it to .rar and see if winrar can do anything won't work because, like I said, the fla file is just zeros now. 29.8 Mb of zeros. This is why I'm stunned on how Flash corrupted the file this way.


            Luckily for me, using Piriform Recuva I was able to recover the last backup that Flash made before deleting it (which Flash should never do just because it "successfully" saved).

            Even though Recuva says the file was in poor conditions, the backup file had everything in its place, with all the recent changes I made in the project.


            This time I learned my lesson. Don’t trust Flash. Of all the programs that I use (Blender, Sony Vegas, Adobe Audition just to name a few) Flash is the only one that can corrupt its save files.

            I’m going to put the auto-recovery to 2 minutes, do manual backups and say goodbye to Flash CC. The “new” features don’t compensate the new bugs.