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    Exporting from 16 bit Tiff sequence


      I am using Premiere Pro CC. I've imported 16 bit Tiff sequence that was exported from Lightroom. Each frame is 5472x3648 and about 115mb. I'm using the Red plugins so that I can create a UHDTV video at 3840x2160. Any attempt to export as dpx or even mp4 or even render the video crashes the program or the computer within seconds or at the most a minute. This same thing worked as long as the files were 8bit, but i wanted the higher quality. The computer is a:


      Alieware R4 Aurora

      Windows 7

      16 Gb ram

      3.6 Ghz Intel i7 processor

      AMD Radeon HD 8950 (graphics)


      Is it premiere pro or the computer hardware that is the hangup?