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    Asynchronous NetStream / Flash Media Server




      this is my first experience with audio streaming and I am also fairly new to FMS. I am very grateful for any help


      In my application two or more people can talk to each other (for example like in Skype). I use NetStream objects for it, that means for x users = x netStream objects for each user (1 for publishing the own stream to Flash Media Server, x - 1 for playing the other users' streams from Flash Media Server).

      SOMETIMES they suddenly become asynchronous. That means: suddenly it takes some time (for example: 5 seconds) until a stream reaches a user (like in a bad mobile phone connection), so that they have to "wait" for each other.

      What are the reasons for that? I am sure it has something to do with the bandwidth? And: what can I do about it?


      Thank you very much in advance!


      Kind regards,