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    Can't download adobe flash on my MacBook, Blocked plug-in message

    Malchezadech Level 1

      Can't download adobe flash on my MacBook, Blocked plug-in message.  I have a MacBook Pro osx 10.8.5, with a Parallel 9, running Windows 8.  I've been trying for hours, searching solutions, trying things, to no avail.  I have discovered that the Windows 8 has the ie automatically in it, and that has a built-in adobe flash player, though I can't seem to find any info on what versions they would be.  I have turned on all the sharing options in Parallels to integrate with the Mac.  The flash works in the Parallels world, with ie browser.  However, I would like to be able to browse the internet with my Mac/Safari, as it's much faster than browsing through Parallels.


      When I try to browse from my Mac/Safari side, and watch YouTube (for example) videos, it gives me a blocked plug-in message on a black video window.  When I attempt to download the latest adobe flash version, it's also blocked (it doesn't give me an error, just doesn't download).


      Please help me!  I am so frustrated!


      Thanks in advance...