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    After Effects CS6 Crashing - RAM Preview + Streaming Audio/Video


      My AE CS6 ( keeps crashing while RAM previewing while streaming audio/video(Soundcloud, Vimeo, Youtube). I like to stream music while working, of course I stop the streaming while I RAM preview, but it's always crashing on me when wokring like this, it's forcing me to just listen to music locally. Running Mac Pro OSX10.8.3, NI Kontrol 1 soundcard(updated driver) and Adam A7X monitors.



      AE settings:

      Audio Hardware: audio kontrol 1

      buffer: 512


      audio output map: audio kontrol 1,

      left: Out 1

      right: Out 2


      I'm thinkn AEcs6 is really buggy with (2) a disk cache and database cache along with the RAM previews and trying to switch between audio sources.


      Is quite annoying and it's slowing my workflow. Anyone experiencing this, fix, suggestions? 


      Thanks in advance.