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    Best way to get a preview of an InDesign made App to a client?

    KB8WFH Level 1

      I think this is best suited for the InDesign forum, as I want to stay with exporting my projects as a flash file, interactive DPF, etc rather than the app I am trying to create.


      I am working on an interactive app for a client half way around the world. He does not have an iPad, iPhone and is likely using a windows-based system for his computer (I'm using a Mac). The app has some slide shows and a few buttons to take the users from one page to another. Since he does not have an iPad or InDesign, I can't send him anything out of the box that he can see. I've tried Interactive PDF's and Flash files, but nothing seems to work with the slide shows (doesn't make ANY sense that they can't but there you go.)


      I need to show my client as much as I can about the app to get them to sign off on it. I understand allowing something like the table of contents to extend from one page to another with hyperlinks is asking a lot, but the pages contents and slide shows is non-negotiable...gotta find a way to do it.


      Any suggestions?