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    help with problem

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      I have two queries that need to feed a table. The problem is that it's not laying out correctly and I can't for the life of me figure out how to do this and so any help on it would be greatly appreciated. I tried two different scenarios to get it to layout correctly but I'm just not getting it.

      Here are the two that I've tried.

      First, I use two queries, the first brings in the main information and the second are the comments associated with the data in the first. I tried a basic table layout and the data posts to the table but incorrectly. See the link: http://www.hmsims.net/hms/story.cfm

      I had to hard code the comments line to get it to layout the way I would like it. So it too is not functioning like it should.

      Second, I used one queries to get data from all tables needed in display. See the link: http://www.hmsims.net/hms/story2.cfm

      The problem is that VBC Contract # 6755 has two comments. I only need the data line to show once with all comments below and it's replicating the data line twice with each separate comment on individual lines.