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    Distortion and crash after importing images in Adobe Premiere 6 Pro

    Erik Rutger

      I am very happy with Adobe CS6. On thing though has prevented me from being able to finish my edits in Adobe Premiere Pro.


      When I import pictures into the project, there it is: a shaky horizontal 'ribbon of distortion', which makes it imposible to view or work in Premiere. After Minimalizing Premiere, the ribbon sometimes shows up over my other applications, f.i. firefox. I wanted to share a picture of this And now the weird thing: I cannot make a screenshot of this. After pasting a printscreen into paint, the distortion is gone. So I took my phone, check out the video below.



      My system:

      - Dell Inspiron M5110

      - AMD A8-3520M APU

      - Radeon HD Graphics, 1.60 ghz

      - 8 GB RAM

      - 64 bit operating system


      I hope you could shed a light on this error.


      Thanks a lot!