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    Question re: Image Files

      OK, probably a simple question (and one that I can probably figure out on my own, by testing it), but when selecting an image file from an outside directory, does RH generate a copy of that file in the working directory for the project? For example, "image.jpg" currently resides in "C:\images", while my RH project exists in "C:\RHProject"... When I select image.jpg from C:\images, is a copy of it generated in C:\RHProject (and the image reference for it set accordingly)?

      I ask because, I currently have a "C:\images" directory, where I've been saving all of my generated images and accessing this directory from RH. I just today was cruising around the file system, and I noticed some of the image files in the RH project directory, as well... but not all of them. The thing is, my project is huge, and I have hundreds of images. I don't specifically remember which images are used and which are trash (i.e., whether or not I re-worked or replaced some of them). Anyway, I really don't want to have to perform a manual search between each directory to verify... So, theoretically if all valid images are copied to the RH working directory, I can just delete the images in my "C:\images" folder.

      Thanks for any feedback

      - Chris
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          First, yes RH does copy all the images to within the project.

          Second, if you are in any doubt, rename c:\images to something like c:\zz_images. Drops it to the bottom of your folder list but keeps it while you check.

          Third. Go to Tools | Reports | Images and it will show you all the images used. Go to Tools | Reports | Used Files and it will show you all the files used. You can audit one to the other to prove they are all in the project. Easier though is that after renaming c:\images, look through the images folder in Project Manager and just make sure there are no red Xs. (There won't be)