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    Photoshop CC says trial expired


      My Photoshop CC says trial Expired.  I am showing my account as active and being charged for it.  I have downloaded all updates and am current.  I try to lisence software and it says I am not connected to the internet as I know this is not true as I m sending this letter.  I tried the chat and they say they are transferring me to the techincal dept and no one comes to help.  What do I do so I can get what I am paying for.

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          Level 7

          Log out of the creative cloud app, quit it, then launch Photoshop and it'll prompt you to log in.

          If that doesn't solve it, then we'll have to get someone from the activation group to provide more instructions.

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            thediamond007 Level 1

            Just tried those instructions Chris and it still comes up with the same thing that my trial has ended.  I can get into Photoshop CS6 as a stand alone.  However Lightroom just prompts me to get into CC and of course that turns out as a dead end.  On top of all that when I try to liscence the software I get a message that I am not on connected to the internet.  Really wierd stuff going on.  What is the best way to get a hold of someone from the activation group?

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              Doug.S Level 3

              Try opening CC desktop and login there...may help....then start Ps


              I'd do above after a computer shutdown and cold restart.  And verify you do have an internet connection before starting CC desktop or Ps....like try internet browser to verify it works.