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    Premiere Pro CC, Dolby Digital License missing for MTS / AVCHD audio import?

    banta-mug Level 1



      I'm running Premiere Pro CC on Mac 10.8.4 importing MTS files captured on a new Panasonic V720 Camcorder that records MTS / AVCHD files.


      When I add the files to my project or drop them onto the timeline, the video appears fine but there's no audio and I get the warning message:


      "This installation does not have a license to decode Dolby Digital audio".


      I've tried switching from 5.1 to 2-channel audio on the camera in case that was the issue, no change.


      The file plays fine on the mac with VLC player or MPlayer - mplayer is decoding audio with the FFmpeg AC-3 codec. I've imported MTS files created with other cameras (but presumably with different audio codecs) into Premiere fine with my current setup.

      Any suggestions for getting this video and audio to work correctly?