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    batch process

    jonabark Level 1

      Is there a reference for batch processing photos?


      Why can't there be an online manual for every version?

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          PhotoRoy1 Level 1

          I think the batch function works the same for each version of  Photoshop so having a basic explanation online is a good idea. The difference with each version of Photoshop is where the files are located on the different operating systems which should be listed in the basic explanation.

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            heather Iles

            Thanks.   I am using elements 11 and will do a search to see if there are any tutorials on "the batch function".


            How do you get someone from Photoshop to answer such a question instead of the forum?





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              heather Iles Level 1

              Just for your information.  If you go into adobe/help and type in your question there is a video on batch processing.  For some reason I am getting other people replies, so lets hope this goes to the person who needs it.