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    Best way to change the actual physical dimensions of an avi file?

    RealAnise Level 1

      Hey all,


      So I'm trying to figure something out, and it seems like it SHOULD be a simple thing... but I haven't been able to find the answer. I'm importing an avi file (from Poser 9) into AE 5.5. The dimensions are 1200x900. There need to be 48 copies of the avi movie running at the same time behind a mask made of circles on a grid. (If you've ever seen the Coca-Cola commercials from the 90's where all the disks had animations on them, "La la la lala, always Coca-Cola..." it might help to think of that design.) The problem is that each copy of the avi needs to be 150x150 in order for it to work.


      Looking for an answer to the question of resizing an avi only seems to be turning up advice about how to reduce the FILE size, not the literal physical dimensions of the movie clip. So I would really appreciate some help. And everyone here is so smart! I just KNOW that somebody knows the answer.