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    How Can I Uninstall it?


      Hello, I don't remember why I downloaded Adobe Dogital Edition 2. I don't know its functions. The app now appears, annoyingly, whenever I open a document. I can't remove it.


      Can anyone help?




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          sjpt Level 4

          The only reason to install ADE2.0 is if you want to read books that have been protected by Adobe DRM; this includes most bough eBooks except from Amazon, and most library eBooks.

          (Even then, you woul dbe better off installing ADE 1.7.2 which is less unreliable).


          If you don't want to do this, uninstalling ADE should resolve your issue.

          Otherwise, for each book type that is being incorrectly opened by ADE

          1. find such a book in Windows Explorer
          2. right click, and choose open with
          3. choose the program you do want to open it with, and click the 'always open with this application'.


          There is something similar on Mac Finder, not sure the details.