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    Audio Files

      I'm just learning how to use flash. I am currently a student and I have a project I am working on. This is the first one with audio. I am trying to get my timing down. I have to match typography to a  song clip. Is there a way to slow down the audio to get the timing of the words right and it not affect the end result of the project?
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          XanaRaquel Level 1

          Using just Flash you can't. You need some audio editor to slow it down, for example Adobe Audition.


          If it was me I would slow down the audio to 50% and change the frame rate of the animation to its half. When all the animations are done, put the original audio in and change back the frame rate.

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            robdillon Most Valuable Participant

            Are you laying the audio in the timeline? Or are you playing the audio using Actionscript?


            If you are using the timeline for the audio then you can set the keyframe for the audio file to "Stream" and then you can scrub the playback head along the timeline to find individual sounds or words, etc. You can then mark those points in another layer using key frame labels.


            If you are using Actionscript then look through this article on how to work with cue points in the audio file.

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              agraphicguru9 Level 1

              Thanks! You are a lifesaver! I was able to change it and got the timing down perfectly! I cannot thank you enough!!

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                agraphicguru9 Level 1

                I just laid the audio in flash. I am a beginner and do not know how to use Actionscript yet. Thank you for the help!!