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    Removing Feather mask

    diff fps

      Hi all, im pretty new to after effects, anyway im half way through a logo animation and im using depth of field on a shot and im also using a vector mask,

      now it seams that the depth of field is creating a feather look to the edges of my mask were as i would like them to be shaper so the dont expand past my logo

      Ant ideas?

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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You can simply select the mask feather point and delete it or drag it to reposition and adjust.


          If you're using a layer as a vector mask then you can adjust the influence by adjusting Amount in the Effects Controls or by changing the vector map.


          Depth of field may be all you need. You can increase or decrease the amount of blur by adjusting the aperture in the camera controls. You'll find the controls by selecting the camera and pressing A twice.


          If those things don't help try explaining more or send us a screenshot of your project with all properties revealed for the layers in question.