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    APPCS5.5 Clip Marker Sync Question


      Very simple scenario:


      Within Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5, I inport (1) single video, minus audio.


      I then import (1) audio track, completely not associated with the audioless video clip.


      (For sake of this scenario, (1)video of gun shot - no sound, (1)audio clip of gunshot.)


      I then open each of the two clips, respectively, in the Source Monitor window, slide the Time-Indicator

      to where I wish my Clip-Marker to be placed, go up to Marker > Clip Marker > Set Other Numbered, and

      proceed to enter, "0" for the maker associated with my video clip, and, "1" for the marker associated with

      my sound clip.


      Ok, each Clip-Marker, on each clip, set perfectly where I need them, and it can be said that, each clip now, has at least one numbered

      Clip-Marker applied to it.


      Next, I fully understand about the Merge option, and that, I can simply drag the one clip, and the Markers will go black when aligned.


      However, I do not want to do it that way.


      Instead, with Clip-Markers in place, I Marquee select both of the two clips, go up to Clip, in the Menu Bar, and choose, Synchronize.


      Option box comes up, and as always, the option to Sync using "Markers", is greyed out.