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    Styling Number bullets

    PurplePlumUK Level 1



      Just clarifying... creating a numbered list. In the paragraph style definition: "Bullets and Numbering" there is a "Character Style" input.


      So with the following paragraph:


      1.1) Text here, as you see.

      1.2) More text.


      I would expect 1.1) and 1.2) to be, say, bold as defined in the "Bullets and Numbering > Character style" while the "Text here, as you see" would not be in bold.


      This does not happen - the character style applies itself to the whole bullet, number and text.


      Is this a broken feature or is there something I'm not doing?


      Thank you

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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Did you set up a paragraph style for the number/bullet paragraph?

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            PurplePlumUK Level 1

            Hi Bob


            The answer is Yes.


            (I'm accessing the "Bullets & Numbering" via the Paragraph style.)

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              Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              You'll need to show screen shots of your paragraph styles and character styles.


              I think what you may have done is set the Bold in the Paragraph Style.



              Within the Paragraph Style - go to the


              Basic Character Formats

              set the Font Style not to be bold



              Go to the Bullets Numbering


              There's a dialog box there for Character Style


              Select the Bold Character style from here



              If you haven't made one you can select Create New Style


              And then in the Character Style set that to Bold

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                PurplePlumUK Level 1

                Hi Eugene


                No, definitely not - I've double-checked and I've been using Styles since InDesign was PageMaker (just explaining why I'm so confident, not expressing any attitude). The Paragraph Style clearly said "Regular" and the Character Style "Bold", yet all the paragraphs with the Paragraph Style applied were completely bold, numbers and text.


                Your question however, did prompt a thought as I've had a problem with Character Styles applying and overriding Paragraph styles in unexpected and not (to me) implicitly specified ways before: http://forums.adobe.com/message/5473589#5473589


                Character Styles are applied almost like "another layer" ontop of Paragraph Styles (Explaining for anyone else seeking answers to problems). Paragraph and Character Styles can be (more usually are?) actually two completely separate things. One works by seeking paragraph returns, the other... is more specific. You seem to have to consciously deselect the Character Style after creating it, in order to avoid it becoming a 'default' and consequently, overriding any and all Paragraph Styles in unexpected ways. (I've not investigated this methodically)


                So in this case, after reading Eugenes reply and having the thought, I:

                1) Ensured the Character Style was not highlighted in the Character Style panel when inserting the i-beam into the paragraphs.

                2) Made sure I did not have any text selected.

                3) Changed the Character Style via the Character panel to bold (It was still identified in/called from the Paragraph Style though I'd taken the bold off).



                I did note: in the Character Style panel I had "[None]" and "Numbers". When I didn't have any text at all, in anyway selected, "Numbers" was highlighted in the panel as though it was a default. I'd not specified that.


                Thank you everyone, hope your day's good.