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    CS5 64bit printing


      I have been using CS5 64 bit and recently my prints have printed darker than the screen. I recalibrated the monitor and thennew icm is being used. I also have the correct icc for the paper. I switched back to CS5 32 bit and the problem goes away. Any suggestions as to what may be wrong?

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          Doug.S Level 3

          Compare all your Ps and printer settings between x32 and x64 for the same image file to print...something may be different.


          Does everything look the same on screen for x32 vs. x64?


          Dark prints often caused by monitor brightness too high...check that.....tho it should not change between Ps 32 vs 64


          Check with printer mfg drivers as drivers for x32 are different than for x64....may be a printer driver bug.


          Has it worked correctly before? if so, what has recently changed? Any new installs? maybe use system restore to known good point and if that fixes it then a new install changed something.

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            infocus75 Level 1

            I have done all the things you mentioned. The image appears darker on the screen under CS 5 64 bit than it does on 32 bit.In 32 bit it prints exactly as the screen.