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    bug: shapes converted from x/y motion to path don't reset properly

           "${_Ellipse}": [
              ["style", "top", '214px'],
              ["style", "left", '163px'],
              ["motion", "location", '193.60000038147px 245.20833396912px']


      If I create x/y tweens but later decide to replace them with a motion tween, the object still retains some of its original positioning, and will reset to the wrong position when jumping around the stage with stop() (and then motion path from this new location). An example can be seen here:




      See the circle's initial path. Clicking it sends a stop(0) to the stage, and a play() a second later. It will reset to the wrong position, and start playing it's path from there. The "wrong position" is offset by exactly the original top/left position it started with in the initial x/y tween


      The full project is here:


      The steps to recreate it are:

      - create an ellipse

      - set a Left motion tween from 0s to 1s (using the pin) from left:53 to left:222

      - switched to motion paths (with time still at 1s)

      - the elippse jumped back to its initial position. moved it somewhere else

      - created a motion path tween from 0s to 1s using the pin


      (though I didn't test whether using the pin is actually necessary to trigger the bug)



      If you're hit with this and don't feel like deleting the symbols and rebuilding the motion paths from scratch, the workaround is to manually edit the JS file and removing the top and left positions for this symbol:


           "${_Ellipse}": [
              ["style", "top", '214px'],
              ["style", "left", '163px'],
              ["motion", "location", '193.60000038147px 245.20833396912px']


      but i'd suggest backing up your project before you try this at home.

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          elainecc Adobe Employee

          Hey, Arnold-


          I tried this on Edge Animate CC and couldn't seem to reproduce using the steps you mentioned above.  I know it's been a while, but can you think of anything else you might have done that would make it exhibit this behavior?  Thanks,



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            mobly Level 3

            Hi Elaine I've had issues with switching to a motion path today and found this thread, seemed a similar problem, very very simple animation  ball starts at bottom of stage, animates to the top, after the ball hits the top I animate the height to squash the ball. so a x position animation followed by a height scale animation. (the height of the ball is reduced from the bottom up, to top of the ball remains fixed at the top of the stage. All good so far, then I switch to a motion path and all goes wrong. so I recreate the x position motion, whilst the H scale has remained, biggest problem is the H scale, will now only scale from the centre, I can't change the origin centre either, tried all sorts of things. Happy to send a file but hopefully you can replicate from my description. Was trying to teach this today, so it was a bit embarrassing not knowing the answer - all I could say was it could be a bug, and I'll ask a question. Hope you can help. Cheers Alistair