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    Photoshop CS6. Windows and Mac pop-up/drop down menus


      Hi guys!

      I have a problem with pop-up menus in CS6 (13.0.5) and ACR (white balance) under Mac OS 10.8.5.

      I have been working with photoshop on PC under Windows for the years. I recently had to switch to CS6 on Mac.


      I can no longer place my cursor in the Photo Filter preset mode (or ACR white balance presets) field and use arrow keys to quickly toggle through different presets/modes to find the ideal mode.

      I know that with Shift+ an Shift- one can toggle between blend modes (Layers). But these keyboard combinations do not work for Photo Filter and other pop-up/drop down menus.


      I used to be able to preview a lot of filters (or other modes) in seconds to choose the optimal. Now I have to click this button and click again on each photo filter. This is lengthening enormous the process.

      On my Mac, I can certainly click in the menu and use the arrow key to go up and down but what that does not do is apply the blend mode, unless I also press Return. But pressing Return kicks you out of the menu so you have to start the click/arrow/Enter cycle again, which is a long way just to try the next blend mode.

      It is very annoying. Please help! Thank you very much!