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    Which is the right DNG version, if any, and what is happening to my a99 files?


      I am currently trying to convert a99 .ARW filkes to .DNG. I have used the lastest version of DNG Converter - I believe - and whilst it converts the 'full frame' .ARW files okay, it will not convert the .ARW files derived from when the camera is running in 'APS-C' mode, that is, when a digital or APS-C lens has been attached. The converter knows the files are there, and goes through the process of converting them to an associated .DNG format. However, when viewed in Bridge the images are not visible, just an Icon showing the right file id, and they cannot be read in either ACR or CS3.


      I am running Windows XP and Adobe Bridge with CS3 Extended.


      Any clues as to why I cannot see the 'pseudo APS-C' files after conversion would be greatly appreciated.


      Many thanks and kind regards,