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    Validating if other form fields are empty or filled

    jeffkr Level 1

      Is there a javascript that can be embedded in a form filed that can valideate if other fields within the same document are empty or not?


      For example, I have a form that allows the user to enter values for two types of offers, "Dollar Savings" and "Percent Savings". Each group has 2 or 3 fields the pertain to each grouping.


      The user is only allowed to enter values for either the "Dollar Savings" group or the "Pecent Savings" group.


      The ideal situation would be to test against a list of fields that belong to the other group's forms.

      For example, if any of the percentage fields are filled and then the usere tries to enter a value in any of the dollar fields then a warning should appear, or vice versa.


      I suppose it's worth asking?


      Thanks in advance.