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    Game play montage - How would you produce a smooth flow between two scene cuts?


      Hello everyone!  I'm relatively new with Premiere Pro CS6.  I've been using it for a couple of months now.  Been learning most of stuff by watching videos, finding help on this forum or scouring the interwebs.  I come to you all today, seeking for some advice in how you might approach this situation.  Also, since I'm new I may be using the wrong terminology to describe certain things.  Sorry in advanced, I'm definitely learning as I move along.


      A bit of info about the footage 

      I recorded a lengthy amount of footage of some friends and I playing a video game.  I decided to edit out all the bits that I thought were funny and make a montage of it.  Nothing crazy, been done a bazillon times.


      Where I'm struggling

      There are parts that are quite short.  So as the video approaches said clip, it's very abrupt and doesn't feel very fluid.  I don't feel that I could extend said clips to give the appearance of it being 'continuous' without adding content that is distracting.


      So my question for you all is, are there tricks to the trade that help to alleviate this types of problems?  Some sort of transitional effect wizardry?


      This is my rough draft of the video.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MPreI1lcHMI


      Side question:  When trimming and faced with "Trimming blocked...." error, is there an easy way to get it to push the entire clips in the direction i'm wanting to trim?  Better put, make it so that premiere automatically makes room for me?