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    Aligning Four Objects Across a Page?


      Hey there everyone,

      I am working on a magazine layout in InDesign CC and i am setting up the master pages. The magazine page size is 8.375 by 10.875 inches. I am going to be placing quarter page advertisements that have a width of 3.75 and a heigh of 4.75 inches. There are often four to a page, so I've used the framing tool to mark out where the advertisements will be placed on the page when it's time to go into layout. However, i was trying to figure out a way if all these objects could be quickly distrbuted with equal spacing between the edges of page AND each other. It's possible to eye this out using a baseline grid, which is what i did for the last issue i worked on. However, i've been wondering if anyone is aware of a quicker way to do this. I've been playing around with the "align" tool with little success. It seems like i can either align objects to the margins or the page, but not inbetween these. I'm using a .25 inch margin… so there are a lot of odd numbers.

      Any help would be appreciated!


      a perennial beginner,


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          Willi Adelberger Most Valuable Participant
          1. Set up Column Gap
          2. Draw a rectangle (or with the loaded curser of several files) and lick the arrow keey up and right to increase the grid's number.
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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            InDesign has an Align panel that lets you both align and distribute objects relative to themselves, the page, or the margins, and most of the he controls are duplicated in the Control panel.


            But since you may want to havea variable number of ads I would recoomenr that you DON'T add the frames to the master page, but instead add some guides. You can add column guides during page setup, or later using Layout > Margins and Columns.... and you can drag horizontal or vertical guides from the rulers to any position you need at any time. I would add a basic set of guides to each master page.

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              Sandee Cohen Adobe Community Professional



              There's probably a way to do it with key strokes or panels or a script or some other labor-saving trick.


              But the easiest I can see is to create a layer on your template (you ARE using a template, right?), and use guides to mark off the areas where the ads would be if there are all four of them on the page. Name this layer "quarter page ads guides." Hide the layer, and lock it.


              Then, when you get to a page that needs quarter page ads, turn on the visibility for that layer and arrange the ads. Then turn off the visibility. You lock the layer so you don't inadvertently put an ad on it.


              You can also use the Edit > Rulers Guides settings to make the guides for those ads a special color.


              Finally, when you need to add a quarter-page ad to a page, turn on the layer, add the ad (or ads) and then turn the layer visibility off.


              You can use this layer on as many pages as you want.