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    Combo Box Use Global Data issue

    sparrowce Level 1

      I am using a drop down combo box to select a name, and have checked specifiy item values, am using the item numbers in a switch statement to populate other text boxes depending on selection of drop down.  These same items appear several times in the form, so am setting them to use global data.  All work great except for the textboxes bound using global data to the drop down.  In those results, it's putting the item number, not the text value.  How do I get the text value to show instead of the item value?  Thank you!

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          sparrowce Level 1

          Resolved it by changing the switch statement to use the text value instead of item number, and unchecked the specify item values in the combo box.  I would be interested for future use to learn how to do this, but no worries if not.  At least the form is operating the way it needs to.  Thanks.