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    Buy a Edge book

    Folobo Level 1

      Hi, i want to buy a book and i want to understand what is the best (easy but also technical):


      http://www.amazon.com/gp/search/ref=sr_il_ti_stripbooks?rh=n%3A283155%2Ck%3Aadobe+edge&key words=adobe+edge&ie=UTF8&qid=1379926178&lo=stripbooks


      I see that all are 2012 and not CC!


      Many thanks!

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          AMULI Level 4

          Hi Folobo,



          The first written, so also the first outdated.




          A learn by example approach. Quite a good range of animation techniques, sometimes in concert with Illustrator, Photoshop or Fireworks. A book for designers by designers.




          A more exhaustive description of the authoring environment. More technical than the preceding manual, but easy to read as well.


          As you noticed : despite of their qualities, these two books are outdated by the recent releases of Edge Animate.


          And none of them explores the API : code snippets are very basic.



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            Ethelwild Level 1

            Hi Folobo,


            I have read & recommend the Adobe Edge Animate: the missing manual (O'Reilly, Publisher; Chris Grover, Author; 282 pages; Pub. Date: October 2012; USD $24.99).


            This edition of the book covers v1.0 (though there were references to features in the then upcoming v1.5). It provides a thorough overview of the basics of the Animate-jQuery ecosystem, and by the end of the book the reader should find themselves at an intermediate skill level.


            Even though we are now on v2 of Animate, this book is not very dated because its goal is to cover the meat & potatoes of how Animate works just using the "straight" Animate interface and then in the last half of the book dives into the coding aspect with a concise intro to CSS, JavaScript, & jQuery. This material gives the reader a solid grounding in working with - and manipulating - symbols~nested symbols, variables, triggers, actions, events, and other aspects of coding in Animate. This information is still germane to v2.


            The author, Chris Grover does a great job of keeping this book on track as a beginner level intro - I never felt overwhelmed by the information and new terms are referenced several times, unlike many beginner level books that expect you to have a photographic memory of a term used 30 pages before. Advanced topics are mentioned, as they relate to the material at hand, and given as a reference for you to explore further if you chose (but are not required reading).


            I should mention here that Darrell Heath, a frequent & valuable contributor to this forum (Thank You, Darrell!) was a technical advisor for this book.


            Throughout the book there are clear practical examples, augmented by online project examples you can download. One project that is followed through the book is a "slide show". In the beginning of the book one is created with just the Animate interface and then a final version, almost all code-based, that uses "if" and "switch" conditional statements, as well as parsing out a photo number from a file name - using the "slice( )" Javascript method - to use in a variable... e.g. getting "01" or "1" from a file named "photo-01.jpg".


            The book completes with publishing your Animate project, including creating responsive designs, creating a preloader, and placing multiple Animate projects on a single web page.


            At the end of this book I found myself seeing the code aspect of Edge Animate as a new horizon of possibilities rather than a mystery wrapped in an enigma... plus this forum and other online resources have had far greater value as a result of this understanding... Highly Recommended reading!

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              Folobo Level 1

              Really many thanks - now i have to take a decision.

              Sure also Foundation Adobe Edge Animate is very interesting for the example:

              http://download.springer.com/static/pdf/802/bfm%253A978-1-4302-4351-9%252F1.pdf?auth66=138 0267472_ec32e45ceccaa2dfacaa658ef79d21fa&ext=.pdf


              I'm a designer and i need Edge for DPS animations (i think a more updated book is better)!

              Many thanks for the information!

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                Folobo Level 1

                Hi Gil, i need to do DPS animations - what is the more easy book to study this?

                I need also to study API?

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                  heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

                  Thanks Ethewild for the 'mention'



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                    AMULI Level 4

                    Hi Folobo,


                    Among the three books mentionned, Foundation Adobe Edge Animate is especially appropriate for a reader with a designer profile :


                    • the step by step authoring examples involve other graphics tool : Illustrator, Photoshop, Fireworks, Flash, InDesign.


                    • the animations produced are quite sophisticated, with a great attention given to details.


                    What's more, the book has a chapter Edge Animate and Digital Publications with sections Adding Animate Content with iBooks Author and Placing an Edge Animate OAM File in InDesign (I will PM you the three detailled table of contents).


                    Regarding the API : you'll need to study it to develop complex interactive applications. But if your primary goal is animation, working with the timeline (and possibly some of the basic snippets of code that you can insert by clicking buttons) will suffice.



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                      Folobo Level 1

                      Many Amuli for your support!

                      But also Gil and Ethelwild (you are great!).