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    Advanced telemetry for iOS applications (IPA)


      Scout shows a sad face with release IPA build with advanced telemetry enabled (with -sampler option), stating that its a debug swf.


      However, since I am making a release build (by using the option Export Release Build), is should not be a debug swf.


      It works fine with web-application. Does enabling telemetry always make a debug swf for IPA files (iOS applications) ?



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          Michael J.A. Smith Adobe Employee

          The --sampler option doesn't make it a debug swf - the ActionScript sampler has a slightly higher overhead on iOS than for other platforms (you shouldn't leave it on when you deploy your app), but it's not as high an overhead as being a debug swf.


          As far as I'm aware, Flash Player/AIR will only tell Scout that it's a debug swf if it encounters the EnableDebugger swf tag. It's possible that the latest version of AIR is reporting this incorrectly, but I'd double check to be on the safe side (you can use SWFInvestigator to take a look inside your swf). If you're sure that you packaged your IPA correctly, then I wouldn't worry about this message.

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            JohannesFuglefjellet Level 1

            It might also be something in the way you packaged your IPA. If you used the ADL tool to make your IPA via command-line, you might have used a package type that makes your release a "debug" application. I would check if you have "-target ipa-debug" switch in your command line, for example, because i think that package type will be considered a "debug" version.


            To make a "release" IPA for local testing, use the "-target ipa-ad-hoc" or "-target ipa-test" switches

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              timoisalive Level 1

              I have this same problem, Scout tells me my swf type is debug, although my compiler has "-target ipa-ad-hoc" parameter.