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    Cumbersome bug when launching Fireworks Creative Cloud




      I have one year suscription of Creative Cloud and just few weeks since I started using it I found a cumbersome bug when launching Fireworks. The problem:


      Note: I'm on latest Mac OSX Lion 10.8.5 (but 10.8.4 has the same problem, I think even 10.8.3).


      When launching Fireworks, it never gets up and running. I had to search in google and see that other people having the same problem, and after spending lot of time I get a workaround:


      You have to go to Library -> Preferences and remove "Macromedia" folder. Then you can launch Fireworks and will run ok.


      So I would want to ask here if there's something I can do to avoid to do this over and over each time the Macromedia folder is regenerated. If not, could we get a patch for Fireworks that fixes this annoying problem?