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    How to create the effect of a face pushing through a wall?




      I'm trying to make a face look like it's pushing through a wall, a bit like in A Nightmare on Elm Street:


      Not having much luck though, and can't find anything n the internet. Any ideas?




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          Chuck Uebele Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Several different ways to do this.  You could stretch a sheet of plastic and have someone press their face into it.  Doing it in photoshop. you can take and face and then create a displacement map to bend the shape of the wall then appling the image as a B&W in overlay mode to give the shaped tones to the wall. Such as the image below of the face on the path.  The other option would be to get a 3D face like those in Poser, bring it into PS and convert it to a depthmap and then blend the depthmap with plain backgroud by blurring the edges, such as the other image attached of the face coming out of the building.

          The Path.jpg


          The-Office 800.jpg