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    Drop shadow flipping direction on it's own...?!

    D Sam Hartman

      Applying a drop shadow effect to a linked raster image with transparency. This has always worked without problems. Today however in CC it apparently likes to flip it's direction on it's own. Take a look at this screenshot to see what I mean. Here's the play by play. 1)apply ds effect to object at p1 p1 p3 75%.  2)Looks good, hit apply  3)move on to next item to do...  4) notice ds has changed on it's own 5)re-open effects ... numbers are still right but appearance is wrong. 5) screenshot and try the forums for a explanation :/


      anyone know what gives?http://bootdown.com/wtfindddropshadow.jpg


      edit: Apparently this is a bug in indesign ('s draw code?). When export it is in the proper location. Very inconvenient...  as an aside...IND CC is so much buggier than any IND i've seen since 1.0... grrrr angry face* this is getting tiresome chasing bugs down constantly.