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    email color swatch

      Is there a way to download the kuler swatches (as .jpg files perhaps) so that they can be emailed?
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          Hi this might be a bit late for you, but we have the same problem - "how do I send colour selection by email to clients. The best solution we have found so far is SnagIt - go to Google and get trial version.

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            I've needed to include color info for clients also. Here's what I've found useful, especially since I do so much communicating via powerpoint: I take screen shot of the kuler swatch I want -- then paste that into the slide, crop it appropriately and voila! Done!

            But what's extra useful is, by right-clicking on the image, I can choose the "Save picture as ..." command and name it appropriately. Then, when I'm putting together a layout in Photoshop or Illustrator, building sample/reference pages in Dreamweaver ... again I can insert it as an image; very useful as a 'clickable' color palette for quick color changes for text, backgrounds, etc.

            Hope this is helpful

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              a save of the ASE file and a quick composition in AI or PSD might be a nice way to do it, then you can wrap your brand around it, etc... use it as an opportunity to further cement their view of you as an expert in design... sending an Adobe branded Kuler Screenshot seems like a lost opportunity for client relationship building.
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                Gadwin PrintScreen will save and send a screen capture in a choice of formats. The program is available at http://www.gadwin.com/printscreen/
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                  Hi Vivek,

                  Location and version number.

                  C:\Documents and Settings\cclarke\Application Data\Sun\Java\jre1.6.0_04

                  Isn't the digital certificate mandatory? I cannot generate the output without it.


                  When you say
                  4) Append the path of JRE installation to the Path Variable Value

                  There is no JRE installation listed. Do you want me to add the variable and if so what is the exact format for each field (variable name and variable value).

                  many thanks for the help
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                    Beautiful Decors,

                    There are a few options here. First, if you just want to directly email a link to the theme on kuler, you can now do this with our latest update. Go to the specific theme you want to share (either under Themes, or Mykuler), and select "More Info" view. In this area, you'll see an entry called "Theme Link". You can right-click and copy link, or click on it, and it will open in browser. If you email this link to whoever you need to send it to, they should be able to see the theme directly involved in this link.

                    As others have pointed out, you can also download the file as ASE (either through kuler, kuler website), or directly download the swatch using the Adobe CS3 kuler panel (Windows->Adobe Labs->kuler) or one of the other 3rd party built Flash panels for Fireworks and Flash. If you need more information on this, please look at kuler Help - http://kuler.adobe.com/links/kuler_help.html). Once you have the swatches in any one of the Adobe Apps, it is quite easy to save as JPG (or in any other formats).