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    Project structure and deployment

    Karl_Sigiscar_1971 Level 3


      We are working on an LCDS project using JBoss under Linux.

      1. It seems that no matter whether the project is to be compiled with Flex Builder or LCDS, the project folder is always created under the flex.war folder (choosing another location, e.g at the same level as flex.war triggers a warning in the Flex Builder project dialog). Is there a way to put it somewhere else ?

      2. We need to write some Java adapter classes for the RemoteObject. We created a separate Java project for this in MyEclipse. So, we have a Flex project and a Java project. We would like to create a single WAR file to include the output of both. Can you do this directly with MyEclipse or do you have to use Ant ?

      Karl Sigiscar.