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    Export closed captions in Premiere Pro CC for broadcast


      I used a program called Movie Captioner to generate an scc file.  I imported it into Premiere Pro.  I placed it on the timeline.  I enabled the "Captions" panel, and can view and edit the captions.  I turned on the "Captions" display in the program monitor, and can view the captions as the timeline is playing.  Everything is working up to that point.


      However, I can't view the captions on an external monitor (although that could be because I am using a Matorx MX02 mini, which may not support captions).


      When I export as a Quicktime movie, with embedded captions, I can view them with the Quicktime player.  When I re-import that file into Premiere, the captions come with it, and I can view them.  However, I sent a test file to my broadcaster, and he says that, although he, too, can view them in the Quicktime player, they do not appear on NTSC playout, leading him to suggest that they are web-only captions, not for broadcast.


      So I am missing something here.  I have done everything accoding to Adobe instructions, and it doesn't work at his end.  Do these only work for broadcast if sent to tape via SDI?