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    Adding text automatically through use of a button


      Hi there,


      Apologies if this has been asked before. I am creating a form in which a user creates a cost estimate for work done. This is just done by typing the information into a standard text field. At the end of every cost estimate is a standard piece of text, detailing terms and conditions etc which is the same across all estimates. Rather than have the user have to type this in every time, or go to another document to cut and paste, I thought it might be possible to use a button that when clicked adds this standard text to the end of the currenlty selected text field. Is this possible?





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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Why not just set the field to a default value?

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            JTHunter Level 1

            Yes, I thought of that - and that may well work.


            But currenlty the amount of original text that is entered before hand is variable, it could be as little as two lines, as many as fifty or more. So it may be that this text needs to be added on the first or second, even third page of the PDF. If my understanding is correct there is no way of linking text boxes across pages (in the way you can in InDesign) so each page will have a separate text box and the onus will be placed on the user to page break their text themselves, meaning that this standard piece of text might need adding to the text box on a different page each time. Agreed, I could add it as default to each page and the user deletes what they don't need but that's a little messy.