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    Upgrading adobe forms


      I am a co-author on our account and I tryed to upgrade our account as I am the end user.  While adbe gladly has been charging 14.99 a month to my CC I was not informed it had to be the original author that had to do the upgrade.


      We would like to upgrade and I can have the original author do it but I will need the payment under my account to stop so I can have it done as adobe needs it done.


      Id also expect a refund given that we have not had acceess to any of the upgrade functionality.  We need this done asap as we have reached our quota for submissions on the free form and use this for business.


      Please advise ASAP


      How do I contact someone wuith Adobe? I sat on hold for over an hour calling.  Does anyone have an email for them?

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          plee1388 Adobe Employee



          You could ask the orignal author to export the design file via Design tab, in File menu - export Design file, and send the design file to you, then you can import the design file into your account to add the payment function to the form.





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