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    Can't create or open files


      My photoshop suddenly is not responding to any actions, such as opening ,creating or saving documents. Program is not freezed or anything, it just doesn't respond to actions. I worked with Photoshop last night, everything worked fine, set'd PC to sleep mode instead of shut down. Now when I woke up the PC, and tried to continue working, Photoshop just doesn't respond at all.

      I had very little hard drive space avalible, but I cleaned it up to like 20Gb (I have worked with Photoshop, when there's only like 2Gb free space on scratch disk tho), closed other programs but still the same.

      Restarting computer doesn't help anything, program opens, but it won't open or create anything. This is frustrating, I need to get my job done, and I'm just stucked here. Any help?