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    adding/substracting from selection

    ojodegato Level 1

      When adding/substracting from an exhisting selection I often use the wrong option in the selection module in the tool bar. I understand the theory behind the selection process in principal. However, I ofte end up doing the oposite. Has anyone found a technique to add/substract from an exhisting selection that is more effective than using the istructions suggeted by the software help menu.

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          MikeGondek Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Use any of the selection tools and hold down the modifier key to add


          Shift - add

          Option/Alt - subtract


          Same modifier keys work with masks, or tthe tranparency on a layer. There is also Intersection which is helpful, to select the common transparency between 2 items.


          Shift & Option - Intersection

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            ojodegato Level 1

            The confusing part when using the modifier keys is that  it is not very clear which side of the selection is affected.

            Is it possible to apply a temporary visual mask to the selection while modifying the selection with the lasso tool. Similar to using the quick  mask and brush tool  combination.