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    Photoshop CC randomly launches help then usually crashes


      Hi All,


      Anyone seen this with your installation of Photoshop CS6 or CC? I've seen this happen in both versions.


      Here's the issue:


      Typically, the problem occurs when creating or modifying a layer style in the layer styles dialog. After assigning some style (drop shadow, stroke,glow, etc.) I occasionally mis-click my mouse prior to selecting the OK button to approve the chosen settings. Photoshop Online Help will suddenly launch in my web browser. It will open a single window or multiple windows randomly, all with the same Photoshop Online Help page loaded (one time it opened more than ten instances in separate windows).


      At this point, Photoshop will typically stop responding, then crash and close altogether, BUT NOT ALWAYS. Sometimes I can continue working. Overall this activity seems to create instability in PS and I'll have to relaunch. Sometimes I'll go for several weeks without an occurrance. Other times it occurs several times in a week or even a day. I currently use PS CC.


      Accidental mouse clicks aren't exactly the easiest thing to troubleshoot, but I can't fathom why that would launch online help or create instability. As much as I have tried, I'm unable to duplicate it manually. Left click, right click, all over the screen while in the layer styles dialog, and I can't make it happen.


      It's not something new that just showed up when I installed CC either. This issue presents itself randomly on several different machines using PS CS6 and PS CC. and has been ongoing for several years now. Been using Master Collection for years and a Photoshop user since 1997. I have tons of memory, tons of scratch disk space, and employ contemporary and FAST processors on all my systems, NO OVERCLOCKING. Everything else is always very stable on all machines.


      I 've finally reached the point where I can't do this any longer and need to get to the bottom of it. Has anyone else experienced this?