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    Edge Animate Problem in DPS (V28 / iOS 7)

    DMD-Ryan Level 1

      I am now having issues with Edge animations in Adobe Digital Publishing Suite with Folios created in V27 and updated to V28 for iOS 7.


      I have been creating full page Edge animations at 2048 x 1536 (For retina iPad.) with a poster frame and placing them in Indesign set to Auto Play, Transparent Background and Scale Content to Fit with no prior issues.


      Now, after converting a V27 folio to V28 I get a new zoomed in image of the animation for a split second before playing normally.  I can not tell if it is the poster frame zoomed for that split second or what.


      I have always had issues with Edge animations and resolution in DPS.  Some people say to create them at 1024 x 768 even for the retina iPad but then they look noticeable fuzzy.  Setting 2048 x 1536 animations to "Scale Content to Fit" usually takes care of sizing issues and keeps the animation sharp.


      Any ideas on why the split second zoom issue or suggestions on better ways to create animations in Edge would be greatly appreciated.