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    Date/Time not updating in my custom stamp

    jcatucci812 Level 1

      I am working with Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro on a Win7 machine. I followed this guide ------> http://acrobatusers.com/tutorials/creating-a-custom-dynamic-stamp-infographic to create a custom dynamic stamp. The stamp looks good, but the date/time is not updating. It stays as the same date/time when I originally saved the custom stamp. Here's an image of the exact code I'm using: http://oi42.tinypic.com/k1ywbo.jpg


      I've been researching this issue for a couple hours now and can't seem to figure it out. My boss is on me hard to get this figured out so any help would be appreciated! Thank you in advance!

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          George_Johnson MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          There's more to a dynamic stamp then just the calculation script, and that particular script could be made more straightforward. If you can post the stamp file you're using somewhere, we can tell you what's wrong. If you don't have a place to post it, I'd be happy to take a look: acroscript at gmail dot com

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            gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            It is very important to carefully follow the instructions.


            Create the PDF for the stamp.

            Add the PDF stamp to the stamp annotations using the "Manage Stamps".

            Add the form fields and scripts to the stamp.


            For some stamps one may need to provide a more complex script that needs to check the name of the stamp. And this would require addition one time steps to determine the stamp name.


            Not all stamps require a unique stamp name because duplication of any stamp's name by another stamp will cause errors.


            Dynamic Stamp Secrets


            Also after dynamic stamp has been updated, one must restart Acorbat to see the affect of the changes.