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    Licensing Error - Nothing is Working!


      Many others have had similar problems with the dreaded error 150:30 - I have read all the articles and discussions on this problem and tried probably 10 different solutions at this point with no results. I am working on a macbook air on mountain lion and all my adobe creative suite CS4 products stopped working after a time-machine restore.


      PLEASE do not just direct me to the article for this error. I have looked through all the solutions. The license repair tool doesn't work (says that Power PC applications are not supported) and the rest of the solutions seem to rely on the mysterious flexnet files which do not exist anywhere on my computer. Yes, I know they are supposed to be in the library folder and yes, I know it's hidden and how to find it. This is not the problem. The folders/files are simply not where they are supposed to be.


      I know that this software is several years old now, but I can't afford the newer version and it is really frustrating to not be able to use something that I paid hundreds of dollars for. Any solution you can offer would be hugely appreciated!