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    Reverse Telecine with Premiere Pro


      Hi All,


      I had digibeta tapes that I captured at 740x486 and the client wanted us to do a reverse telecine on them which I did by creating a 24p DV timeline, dropping the video in and than outputed the timesline with the settings of Prores HQ (required), 720x480, 23.976, Progressive, DV/D1 .9091.  The output definite did not look interlaced but a couple issues


      a)  Media Inspector the progressive flag is not appearing.  It does not read the video as progressive.


      b)  Opening it in QT player it stated it as 720x480(654x480) and I need the display ratio to be 640x480 not 654x480.


      c)  Last they commented "There might be clean aperture tag, but just let them know the clap tag must be removed." which I have no idea what they are talking about here and would like some insight.


      Thank you all for reading and any help is deeply appreciated here.