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    Can PP CC take advantage of BOTH a discrete GPU and Haswell based iGPU?


      Hi, I have a bit of a newbie question:


      I have a system with an i7-4770K and a GTX 670, but I typically keep the iGPU turned off via the BIOS since I am only outputting video via the discrete card.

      I was wondering if anyone knows if I turn the iGPU on (Intel HD 4000) if PP CC can utilize that in addition to the GTX 670 for processing power?


      I realize that the GTX 670 is much more of a power house for calculations, but those have to come in and out via the PCI-E connection. Theoretically, there may be some advantage to using the on-board GPU for calculations as well.


      Does anyone know?

      I would be willing to benchmark both conditions myself if no one knows. Can I use PPBM5 with PP CC?


      Thanks for your help,