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    How can I change the content of a text field in a PDF form with a defined variable?


      Hello all!


      First time poster, and getting pretty frustrated with trying to figure out this one issue. Here is the scenario: I am using Acrobat 10 Pro to design what is essentially a giant order form. I designed the document in InDesign, defined the various buttons and whatnot and then exported it to Acrobat to continue building the form.


      I have a Radio Button group called "conference_opportunities" which contains different options at different price points, so they are all named the same, but have different values (so that they belong to the same group and only one can be selected at a time).


      What I have done is created a "MouseDown" event on the radio button that sets a variable called "ConferenceOpportunity" which is equal to the title of the option they are picking. I then want to take that variable and display it in a text box called "Conference_Option". I am using a variable because the values of my radio buttons are all the actual prices of the option they are picking, so I can't define the value as the title of the option.


      So its an array of radio buttons, and at the bottom of the page there is the Option They Selected, the quantity (which can change) and the value (in dollars)


      I also then want to display this variable at the end of the document as a sort of summary of everything they chose to purchase as well but I imagine its the same code.


      I am not an expert Javascript person at all, so any code snippets would help greatly. I have looked over the Adobe Document on the SDK and API and have not been able to find a solution. I have also turned to the almighty google and still no luck.


      Any help would be greatly appreciated!


      Thanks Everyone