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    New Build - System Feedback Wanted

    tschroepfer Level 1

      Hi All-


      I am building a Photoshop/ CC machine and I would love your feedback on the system spec'd below. I have been away from building my own machines for the last 5 years or so as I have been buying laptops so your advice is greatly appreciated.


      Processor: Intel i7-4770K Haswell 3.5GHz
      MB: Asus z87-Pro
      Ram: Corsair Dominator Platinum 16GB (2 x8Gb) DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) - It's on Asus QVL
      Graphics: Asus HD7850-DC2-2GD5-V2 Radeon HD 7850 2GB 256-bit GDDR5
      Primary Drive: WD Black Caviar Wd1002FAEX 1Tb SATA III
      Scratch Disk: WD Black Caviar Wd1002FAEX 1Tb SATA III
      Storage Disks: WD Black Caviar Wd1002FAEX 1Tb SATA III (2 qty)
      Case: Cooler Master HAF 932 Advanced
      Power Supply: Rosewill CAPTSTONE-750 watt
      CPU Cooler: COOLER MASTER Eisberg 240L Prestige RL-EB24-16FK-R1 CPU Cooler
      Operating System: Win7 Pro SP1 64bit


      I'm on the fence about a SSD for the boot disk and the scratch disk. It adds about $300 more to the build. I also think that the Asus HD7850 is overkill for the graphics card. I don't play games on the computer - other than occasionally so perhaps that is a place to save. I am looking to run most of the standard apps surrounding Photoshop. I probably won't be editing video though I might stitch some larger panoramas.







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          Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

          Mostly pretty good.  Photoshop can only use one of the graphics cards, and I don't know if there will be issues with the SLI (?) drivers.


          The scratch drive is bigger than it needs be.  A smaller SSD would be better



          Nice case with decent cooling and lots of room for upgrades.  Did you chose the big tower to fit the cards in?


          I see you ahave considered SSD for boot and scratch.  If I was only using one I'd use for the boot drive, as there will be more to the system than Photoshop.  I'm guessing some gaming with the SLI/crossfire for instance?  Do think about raid0.  Drives are fairly cheap nowadays, and so is RAM.  You have heaps of room to add drives down the road in that big tower, and you are definitely going to need to do that for the backup strategy you'll be using.  If you go with an SSD boot drive, have a good think about what saves where.  I have moved everything other than the Windows Page file to a pair of 1TB WD Blacks in a raid0.  Apps like WinDirStat are excellent for telling you what is using up all that hidden boot drive space.


          Also have a look at Speccy to keep an eye on everything after the build.  I run the 3930K on my main system at 4.2Ghz with no problems, but Speccy lets me sleep easy knowing temperatures are OK.  Crystal Disk Mark is handy for seeing how your drives are performing.


          BTW  I also have an MSI laptop with twin SSDs in a raid0 for the boot drive.  It opens Photoshop in about 1.5 seconds on first lauch, and less than a second on subsecent launches.  Smaller apps like MS Powerpoint are instantanious!


          The only thing I would definitely check on is the twin graphics cards. Try Google with Photoshop SLI crossfire "Chris Cox"  or hopefully Chris will see this thread

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            Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

            I meant to add that USB3 Externals are not a bad choice if and when you build your storage space.  I now have five WD My Book USB3 externals, and they are not far off the performance of a single HDD.  I find them ideal for backup - which I do with Shadow Protect - because you can so easily move them to a safe location, like a fire-proof cabinet.


            Shadow protect has saved my bacon on two occasions, and is one of the best $100 I’ve ever spent.  It saves incremental backups every 15 minutes.  You can also create a bootable CD which lets you recover straight away from a boot drive failure.



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              Doug.S Level 3

              I always have an uninterruptible power system (UPS) to make sure if 110v power goes out or is noisy that it auto switches to battery backup with enough time to save and shutdown gracefully.


              About $100 systen is sufficient. Several suppliers. Available on www or office supply stores that sell PCs.  NOt needed for laptops but critical for desktops.

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                Lundberg02 Level 3

                Please please please put in 32GB RAM.

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                  Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                  Lundberg02 wrote:


                  Please please please put in 32GB RAM.


                  For Photoshop?  I've got 32Gb in my main system, but only because I use Premeire Pro and After Effects.  I've never ever seen a fraction of used in Task manager when using Photoshop.  I have 16Gb in my laptop, and with the fast drives it feels really snappy regardless of project siez.

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                    PECourtejoie Adobe Community Professional

                    Hello, Trevor, Maybe Lundberg says that because of the larger panoramas mention?

                    Hi, Tim, I would also vouch for SSDs, the second biggest speed boost for Photoshop (and the first for every OS operation).

                    If you can only afford one for the system, you can set your first Ps scratch there.

                    The videocard with 2G will drive what kind of display(s)?

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                      tschroepfer Level 1



                      Thanks for the responses. I'm leaning toward the SSDs. I'm going to cut the cooler which is 120 and go for the kit fan. That will make up the price difference. I'm driving an Asus proart monitor dvi with the card. I looked at the Quardo cards, but 500 is a lot for a graphics card espically since I'm not doing maya or fluid dynamics or renderman. I'm thinking a 256GB SSD for the primary drive and a 128GB for the sratch. i have stayed away from traditional drives larger than 1TB as my understanding is the larger drives tend to fail more frequently. So I will just by a single 1TB drive and then fill it and add on later.


                      Is the 32GB of ram really necessary? I run 8 in my laptop and i haven't had many issues. I tend to work on one project at a time though.


                      I have a UPS already. Where I live and how frequently we have power outages I have to.

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                        Lundberg02 Level 3

                        Get your RAM as high as you can afford is my recommendation. Maybe Windows doesn't tie up as much RAM as Mac, but I constantly run out of RAM with five apps open and any websites in the Dock and I have 8 GB.

                        I'd go to 16 now that RAM is half as much as it was, but I think I'll put the money toward a new mini with SATAIII. It will have as much RAM as I can cram into it.

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                          RobertoBlake Level 2

                          My prefrence is usually 4GB for each Processor Core so an 8 Core system is 32GB of Ram. For intense Photoshop like using high Bitdepth images or 3D this is ideal and so is using multiple harddrives.


                          My ideal hard drive confiiguration is 6 Drive minimum 4 SSD Drives: OS layer SSD, App Laye SSDr, 2X SSDRaid 0 Cache/Scratch Disk Layer. Then 2X HDD for Data/Storage. This gives every aspect its own dedicated internal bandwidth, separate lanes of traffic.  Kingston SSDs are only $80 for 128GB.


                          I talk about my other recommendations in this video: http://youtu.be/BypkjzYFfRg