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    noCapisco Level 1

      Was wondering if anyone has experimented around with a Photoshop+Reflow+Animate workflow. I read Photoshop CC has the new generator function, which can generate a Reflow project. So if you generated that, edited it, could you then open/animate it in Edge Animate? Preserving the Reflow responsive design? Or are these two/three programs not getting along quite yet?


      I think it's an interesting idea if anyone's tried it. Just wondering how successful it was. I saw the Youtube video with Sarah Hunt where it was Animate to Reflow, but I'm kinda wondering about the opposite, Reflow then Animate. Reflow generates HTML (right?), so Animate can read/edit that?


      Just wondering what's out there. Thanks!

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          sarhunt Adobe Employee

          Hey noCapisco,


          This workflow isn't officially supported but you can give it a try. In Animate go to Open... and navigate to your Reflow preview HTML files. Since AN reads .html files not created in Animate you can play around and add motion to existing DOM elements.



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            noCapisco Level 1

            I'll give it a shot. Just wondering if anyone has tried using the three together and how successful they were. It just seems like they could work, not brilliantly, but well enough together. Thanks sarhunt.